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Editor of Vogue Knitting to give talk at Mohair South Africa workshop in Port Elizabeth

Editor of Vogue Knitting to give talk at Mohair South Africa workshop in Port Elizabeth

The art of knitting and crocheting has been increasing in popularity locally for a while now.

Building on this growing trend, Mohair South Africa has decided to host a special knitting workshop, which will feature Trisha Malcolm, the editor of the New-York based Vogue Knitting, right here in Port Elizabeth!

The decision to host the event came almost naturally as South Africa currently produces approximately 50% of total world production of mohair.

Malcolm has been working with needle crafts since the age of four thanks to influence from her mother and grew up in a small town in Australia. After travelling for a while she settled in New York City and found a job in a magazine that dealt with crafts.

Trisha has been the editor of Vogue Knitting for the past 20 years. Vogue Knitting was first started in 1932 and closed down in 1969, but was officially relaunched in 1982.

“I am so excited to be in South Africa, I’ve always wanted to come. I’ve known the people of Mohair South Africa for quite some years now.

“We have big knitting consumer shows in the United States and Mohair sponsor them because it’s a great way to get mohair into the hands of knitters,” Trisha told RNEWS.

“I’ve always wanted to come and see where mohair was made, the process it goes through and anything I can learn about it compared to merino or cashmere.”

The workshop is taking place at the Mohair Headquarters in Port Elizabeth from 2pm till 4pm on the 23rd of February. 

Caption (from left to right): Ruth McNaughton from Mohair SA, Trisha Malcolm, and Lindsay Humphreys from Mohair SA.