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EFF accused Zuma of racism and being ungrateful

EFF accused Zuma of racism and being ungrateful

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have accused President Jacob Zuma of racism after comments made yesterday in which he called South Africans lazy.

Addressing councillors and members of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) yesterday, Zuma said that the provision of free services after 1994 had resulted in people becoming lazy, and that they would rather rely on government for help than building themselves up.

He went on to say that South Africans had developed a “mango mentality” whereby they would rather wait for the fruit to fall down, than plucking it directly from the tree.

In a statement, EFF National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, said that Zuma’s comments proves that the ruling ANC “had run-out of ideas to resolve the problems of poverty, unemployment and inequality” before calling him “ungrateful”

“Jacob Zuma does not realise that if South Africans had quality jobs, then they would not need his low cost houses as they would build their own,” said Ndlozi.

“He also does not realise that it is because of his neo-liberal policies, which protect and advance private capital at the expense of workers that people are subjected to conditions they find themselves in”.

Referring to the Marikana tragedy, Ndlozi said that government remains committed to upping taxes on the poor and not on corporates, adding that miners, who work hard for a salary and protest for an increase, are then “massacred” by the police.

“Zuma’s comments that blacks work slow and are lazy because they do not work for whites, reflects an anti-black and racist mentality that is consistent with dictatorial attitudes. That is why he says he wishes he was a dictator so he can punish the poor by not giving them houses as government does today.

“If President Zuma was not corrupt, taking millions of state money to build cattle kraals, chicken run, swimming pool and an entertainment theatre, then no one would blame him. If Jacob Zuma was honest, demonstrated by his preparedness to pay back the money unduly spent in Nkandla, then no one would blame him,” Ndlozi said.

He also branded Zuma’s comments as a form of self-hate “since he himself his black” and that his ideal dream is now simply a “fantasy”.

“His utterances are a reflection that he is suffocating in office and resorts to blaming the poor for the apartheid-poverty his government has worsened.

“The poor are the ones who clean his house, his government offices, including Luthuli House. The poor are the foundation of the construction, mining, agriculture, and all other sectors in the economy, including public servants who serve his government. To call them lazy is not only racist, but reflects self-hate.”