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EFF accuses member of trying to divide party

EFF accuses member of trying to divide party

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has lashed out at party member Andile Mngxitama for allegedly trying to divide the party with the help of former member and controversial businessman, Kenny Kunene.

This follows after an alleged interview with the SABC in which Mngxitama revealed that the party openly supported jailed EFF North West secretary, Papiki Babuile, and that concerns were mounting due to a lack of accountability from some members.

“Our party is taking a position to continue to pay the salary of a convicted murder. This suggests that out party is failing in upholding a very high standard that we set for others for accountability and also fighting corruption,” Mngxitama is alleged to have said.

“We did not join the EFF so that we can recreate a political system which is rotten. I am not thinking about consequences for myself. I am thinking about consequences to the revolutionary project that we have undertaken and that we have committed ourselves to. Should I be dealt with, as you suggest, then it will be confirmation that indeed we have imported the worst of the cultures of the ANC into the EFF”.

In a strongly worded statement, EFF National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, said that they had it on good authority that Mngxitama had been “under the guidance and tutelage of Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie” and that “he continues to conduct himself outside the confines of the organisation.”

“The SABC interview where Fighter Mngxitama attacked the leadership of the EFF was conducted in Kenny Kunene’s house. It is unacceptable that in their news report, the SABC did not disclose the newsworthy fact that a deployee of the EFF in Parliament conducted an interview which attacks the leadership in the house of a smaller rival political party in Sandton.

“It is a matter of fact that the Puppet masters of Fighter Mngxitama are Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mackenzie, the ex-convicts and “former-fraudsters” who tried politics and dismally failed.”

Ndlozi also added that Mngxitama’s absence from a Public Hearing on Land Recapitalisation, which happened at the same time of him giving an interview, was “because he was in Kenny Kunene’s house conducting television interviews to attack the elected leadership of the EFF”.

He also took a swipe at Mngxitama crying “crocodile’s tears in the National People’s Assembly” claiming that his “revolutionary conscience tells him that he should not be available for leadership position.

“Unlike most leaders of the EFF, Fighter Mngxitama does not come from a background of elected leadership, but of self-appointed leadership, and informal often untidy methods of organisational management. The EFF is a revolutionary movement with sound internal organisational systems and principles, not some shapeless association holding meetings in bookshops.”

On Mngxitama’s claims about Babuile, Ndlozi said that the party acknowledges his conviction of murder [on ANC regional secretary David Chika in 2012] but that his membership from the legislature had recently been discounted and that the he no longer receives a monthly salary.

“Therefore, fighter Mngxitama is raising false alarms aimed only at painting the leadership of the EFF in bad light”.

In a post on twitter yesterday, Mngxitama denied the interview before adding that he was never friends or entered Kenny Kunene’s house.