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EFF denies attack on KWT Victoria statue

By Charl Bosch - Sep 8, 2015
EFF denies attack on KWT Victoria statue

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Eastern Cape has reportedly denied its involvement in the defacing of a colonial era statue in King Williams Town.

On Friday, an image posted by Democratic Alliance (DA) Buffalo City Councillor, Dillon Webb, showed the monument of Queen Victoria outside City Hall covered in red paint with the letters “EFF” sprayed on the base.

In an interview with News24 on Monday, EFF provincial spokesperson, Yoliswa Yako, said no party members had taken responsibility for the monument’s vandalising, but that it welcomed the act as the statues “represent a history of oppression, degradation and humiliation”.

“Little or nothing is said about our own heroes, our own history, the warriors who gallantly fought the wars of resistance against colonial invasion,” she said.

“The imminent and inevitable removal of these colonial symbols is necessitated by the unfortunate reminders they present to the indigenous people of this land”.

Earlier this year, the party took responsibility for a series of similar attacks on memorials in Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria after leader Julius Malema had called for the removal of all symbols “representing apartheid”.

Reacting to the incident, Webb stated that defacing could be seen as having to do with the party’s hosting of a rally in the area this coming Saturday (September 12th), adding that the DA would lodging an application to have the monument cleaned and protected from future attacks.

“We cannot change history. Our country’s heritage is part of our history and simply cannot be ignored or taken for granted. Our statues in our cities and towns should be seen as a reminder of our past and on how far we have come in our young democracy,” Webb said.

“If the EFF are really involved in these barbaric and foolish ways to spread their message by damaging our towns and cities, then legal action must be taken against them to teach them a lesson”.


IMAGE sourced from DA Eastern Cape website (PICTURE: Clle Dillon Webb)