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EFF gives coalition the thumbs down

EFF gives coalition the thumbs down

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has ruled out forming coalitions with any party as none were willing to meet their demands following the recent local governments.

Speaking at a media briefing in Alexandra a short while ago, Malema said party held talks with the various opposition parties, including the African National Congress (ANC), but that it could not reach an agreement on topics ranging from the nationalisation of mines, expropriation of land without compensation and provision of free education, to the removal of the Die Stem from the National Anthem, not signing an agreement with Russia for nuclear power, and the removal of President Jacob Zuma.

“We said it was going to be very difficult of us to enter into an agreement with President Zuma, who presides over a corrupt state institutionalised by him. We are people with an imagination… imagining signing a deal with the ANC and shaking hands with Zuma would not have been a beautiful picture, but an insult to those who voted against kleptocracy and corruption,” Malema said of his party’s meeting with the ANC.

“They asked to go back to the NEC (National Executive Council], but continued to waffle and saying the same things. We are therefore happy announce that there is no deal between the ANC and EFF”.

Describing the Democratic Alliance (DA) as “the party of white racist”, Malema said it put similar conditions forward, but that no agreements could be reached despite amends being promised on some topics.

“We met on several occasions, but we could not agree, and therefore we are happy to announce that there is no deal with the DA. We are happy to tell our people we would not be entering into a coalition with anyone, and that the EFF would be resuming it seats as an opposition,” Malema said.

“We feel very strongly that the EFF must earn is place in the municipalities and not get power though shortcuts. The EFF is the not the home of opportunists. We are building this organisation from the ground up. We don’t want an ANC culture of fighting for positions in the EFF”.

Malema however remarked it would be “cowardice” for the party to assume a neutral role in the various hung municipalities, saying it would support the IFP in KwaZulu-Natal, and vote for the DA in Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

“There is a difference between a coalition and voting for them. We will be in the opposition benches. The ANC will not get a single vote from the EFF. We will be voting for the opposition because the ANC must be removed from power and this is the start. If we are neutral, we will be sell-outs,” Malema continued.

“Just because we vote them, does not mean we are in bed with the DA, they are just a better devil party. Both support white monopoly capital but the ANC is supporting corruption.

He added that the ANC’s explanation of taking collective responsibility for its decline in support, “is extremely arrogant”, and that it would now also be “punished collectively”.

“[Johannesburg Mayor] Parks Tau, no more benefits and blue light brigades, Thoko Didiza, we will see you in Parliament, Mwazindile Masina, we are working very hard to assure you will not be Mayor of Ekurhuleni because that municipality deserves a better person and Danny Jordaan, ag shame, you have to face your FIFA charges.

“The ANC had a choice between the Metros and Zuma, and once again they chose Zuma. We don’t own the ANC anything… stop giving us advice. You have lost your relevance and succumbed to an individual called Jacob Zuma. We voted against the ANC, why vote for them again? Nothing has changed from the 3rd of August. We voted against the ruling party.

Malema said the party’s dramatic fall in support shows “that something is wrong,” and that “South Africa has whispered and we have listened”.

“We don’t want anything from the ANC and the racist DA. We were caught between two devils and we had to choose and we could not be neutral. History will judge us if we did something wrong. We will never go back to the ANC,” he said.