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EFF pulls out of Zuma Q&A in Parli

EFF pulls out of Zuma Q&A in Parli

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has announced it will not take part when President Jacob Zuma appears in Parliament on Thursday to answer questions from the National Assembly.

Speaking in a statement, EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said the party could not be expected to pose questions to Zuma, when it is unlikely that he would be truthful about them.

“We see no value in engaging a man who has no honour, who lies and who is a stooge of the Gupta family. His actions have undermined the office of the Public Protector and sought to render ours a lawless country where a president cannot be held accountable,” Ndlozi said.

He again reaffirmed that the party would not continue to not recognise Zuma’s presidency, as it could not respect someone “who does not respect his oath of office”, adding that he must resign to “save country and the economy from further decline”.

“It is an open secret now that all the miasma finance minister Pravin Gordhan was caused by the instructions of the Gupta family who are intent on capturing the Treasury. Parliament may as well call Atul Gupta to directly hold him accountable since he is the real president of South Africa and not Jacob Zuma,” Ndlozi said.

“Both Zuma and the ANC have made it abundantly clear that South Africa does not come first. They resort to everything in their power to elevate the interests of individual politicians, in particular those of Zuma”.

Ndlozi however stated that MP’s would remain in Parliament to carry out other businesses of the House, but then withdraw any involvement when Zuma steps onto the podium.

Earlier this month, the party also ruled itself out from voting in the Democratic Alliance (DA)’s motion of confidence vote in Zuma, after its application to have matter first considered by Constitutional Court, was rejected.