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EFF rejects ‘no walk-in’ applications announcement

By Afikile Lugunya - Jan 3, 2018
EFF rejects ‘no walk-in’ applications announcement

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has reiterated its call that all academically-deserving students must report to colleges and universities if their choice this year during registration.

This is after Universities South Africa (USAF) on Tuesday hit back at an earlier announcement by the EFF that those, who passed Grade 12 previously to report at institutions of their choice and register, saying that there would be no walk-in registrations for the 2018 academic year at public universities.

According to Universities South Africa, they met with the Department of High Education and Training (DHET) and with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to discuss the implications of the announcement by President Jacob Zuma that poor students will be afforded free tertiary education.

“Much to our dismay, we discovered at that meeting that the decision of the government to implement the new system was a fait accompli.

“Our task then, as Universities, was to work out how to implement the new NSFAS provisions in ways that are most effective and beneficial to the students and potential students,” the organisation said.

“One of the outcomes of that meeting was that since applications to all 26 universities had closed towards the end of 2017 ‘no walk-in’ applications would be accepted.”

However, EFF Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, said; "We condemn and reject the statement by Universities South Africa, which announces that there will not be walk-ins in universities.

"They say only students, who applied last year will only be considered for university entrance. 

"This call by Universities South Africa is a direct participation and collaboration in Zuma's grand-plan to mislead the public. It should now be clear that Zuma announced free education on 16 December when registration had closed.

"Therefore, universities should be working towards giving expression to the idea by making provisions for all, who did not apply because they did not have money to get a chance to apply and be considered."

Ndlozi said that all academically-deserving students must be given a chance to take advantage of the free education declaration.

"Management in universities has always been able to amicably deal with walk-ins for as long as universities have existed.

"Why must this provision not be made this year when the country needs it the most?" he argued.

"It is precisely that many did not have money that they did not apply; thus, since there is a free education provision, let them be given a chance to apply and their applications considered." 

Ndlozi said that the EFF will be at the gates of all universities to ensure that academically deserving students are given a chance and considered.

"The country must be firm with university managers that they must not close the doors of learning now using useless bureaucratic impediments when funding, which has been the greatest historic impediment has been removed."