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'EFF’s political schizophrenia will only harm the people of Nelson Mandela Bay'

Feb 28, 2018
'EFF’s political schizophrenia will only harm the people of Nelson Mandela Bay'

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) decision not to support Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) Municipality’s 2017/18 adjustment budget undermines the work that has been done by the multiparty coalition government since 2016, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said on Tuesday.

"It is clear that they would rather place their politics ahead of the needs of NMB residents," said Nqaba Bhanga - DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader.

He said that by not supporting the adjustment budget, the EFF attempted to deny the people, especially poor black residents, of NMB critical resources and service delivery, which include:

  • R1-million for much needed informal trader infrastructure;
  • R3-million to keep residents safe through the purchase of vehicles for the Metro Police;
  • Almost R40-million for the electrification of informal dwellings; and
  • R99-million for the tarring of gravel roads in townships.

"The Council will not be able to proceed with these service delivery programmes  and change the lives of the poor due the EFF’s narrow decision, at the eleventh-hour, to change its tune, thus leaving the people of NMB and the Council in limbo," Bhanga added.

"Further to this, the EFF has stated its intention to table a motion of no confidence (MONC) in Mayor Athol Trollip, despite the fact that they have fully supported him on two occasions – once when he was elected by the Council in 2016 and again when the Mayor faced an unsubstantiated MONC tabled by the ANC in November 2017.

"The EFF’s political schizophrenia will only harm the people of NMB."

Bhanga said that when the DA campaigned, it was on the basis of bringing total change to the City; "it is clear that the EFF would like to see the ANC return to its old ways of looting the municipality and lying to the people".

"For the EFF to suggest that the ANC has the ability to present a credible candidate is unthinkable. Many of the country’s problems are of the ANC’s making, regardless of who leads the organisation at all levels," he said.

"The DA along with its coalition partners will continue to serve the people of NMB, even if the EFF would like to see the municipality collapse under the ANC corruption."