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EFF “unmoved” by treason charges against Malema

EFF “unmoved” by treason charges against Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has reportedly played down the African National Congress’ laying of charges against its leader, Julius Malema.

On Monday evening, the ruling party confirmed it had submitted a charge of high treason against Malema, following his remarks in an interview with Aljazeera on Sunday that the party would not hesitate in taking down the government “through the barrel of a gun”.

“These remarks are a call to violence, are inflammatory, treasonable and seditious and should be treated with extreme seriousness,” ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

“These reckless utterances display a shocking lack of judgment on the part of the leadership of the EFF who have a duty to ensure their membership abides with the laws of the land. The remarks made by Mr. Malema are a clear incitement to people to commit acts of violence, which is against the laws of the Republic”.

Speaking in Soweto on Monday as part of the party’s manifesto build-up this coming Saturday, EFF Secretary General Godrich Gardee said it remains underrated by charges, and are prepared to have it resolved in court.

“We will see what the court says but definitely this is not an incitement of violence. It is a fair political comment in an election mood period, and it should be seen in that context,” CityPress quoted him as saying.

“When the apartheid government was killing our people prior to 1994, how did the ANC respond? It took up arms. Why should arms not be taken against it when it is busy killing our people?”

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has meanwhile responded to Malema’s comments with its Secretary-General, Njabulo Nzuza, saying it would block any attempts by the EFF to ignite “a civil war”.

“We are fully aware that the EFF is heavily funded to run renegade and to bring civil war in this country. We will never allow hooligans and war lords to bring this country into violence,” The Citizen quoted Nzuza as saying at media briefing at Luthuli House on Tuesday.

“The ANCYL will fight tirelessly to block any attempts that seek to brew civil war to this country”.