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EFF upholds “Gupta media” ban

EFF upholds “Gupta media” ban

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has refused to withdraw the banning of Gupta-owned media institutions from its events.

Last week, party leader Julius Malema announced it could no longer guarantee the safety of journalists from The New Age and ANN7 at EFF events, as neither represents media freedom, but rather “criminal enterprises”.

“We don’t want see ANN7 or the New Age anywhere. Those institutions are a product of corrupt activities. Sisters and brothers in Gupta firms we love you and don’t want you to be casualties. We can no longer guarantee the safety of those working for the Guptas,” Malema said.

His comments were later blasted by the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) as well as ANN7 and New Age editor-in-chief Moegsien Williams, who described it as a “fragrant abuse of the freedom of a person".

“Malema, as a Member of Parliament has sworn to uphold the constitution, violated the constitutional rights of the reporters on several occasions. If he wants to be a future leader in this country, he must abide by the Constitution,” Williams later said on ANN7.

Responding to Williams in a letter, EFF Secretary-General Godrich Gardee said the banning had nothing to do with the publishing of a bad story about the organisation, but because it main purpose “is to loot state resources”.

“We love journalists who work for The New Age and some are even EFF members. We are conscious that the choice to take on a fight with The New Age and ANN7 means they will be in the crossfire,” he said.

“Such crossfire includes being excluded from EFF events merely by reporting on behalf of The New Age and ANN7. For as long as journalists come to represent or report on behalf of The New Age or ANN7, they are not welcome”.

Gardee also said the party stands by its remarks that the controversial family must seize their interests in South Africa with immediate effect, and leave the country.


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