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EFFing Part 1: Party blames electricity crisis on ANC

EFFing Part 1: Party blames electricity crisis on ANC

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have laid the blame for South Africa’s energy crisis on the ruling African National Congress (ANC), following President Jacob Zuma’s remarks that Apartheid is to blame for the rolling blackouts.

“[They are] shifting responsibility again. It shows that from the beginning, the ANC was not ready [to govern],” EFF Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, told reporters outside the party’s head office in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

“To blame apartheid is to shift the focus away from responsibility. There was no proper forward thinking and planning,” he said.

Speaking during the party’s 103rd birthday celebration in Cape Town last week, Zuma stated the ANC had inherited Eskom from the previous government which only carted for whites.

“There’s a belief out there that the electricity challenge is a result of the failure of government of lack of leadership,” Eyewitness News quoted Zuma as saying during the event.

“The economy of apartheid was racially skewed and structured to take care of the minority, not the majority of the country.”

Last Friday, the state-owned parastatal announced that it had nearly exhausted its remaining diesel supply and would be out fully out by the middle of next month.

“Apartheid wasn’t there when we took the decision to build Medupi Power Station so it’s not apartheid that delayed the completion of the station, but it’s the incapacity of the current leadership,” EFF leader Julius Malema said.