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Ehrenreich slams Cape Town killing as example of Zillephobia

By Charl Bosch - Jan 27, 2015
Ehrenreich slams Cape Town killing as example of Zillephobia

COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, has described the killing of a young man outside a Cape Town petrol station over the weekend, as a clear indication that “whites are [becoming] increasingly intolerant of blacks in their surroundings.”

On Sunday, 24-year old Toufiq Joseph was shot dead at an Engen in Gardens by an off-duty security guard after an argument broke out. It remains unclear as to what the men were arguing about or the motive for the shooting. Joseph was decleared dead at the scene.

“It is clear that there is something happening in the Western Cape that is fuelling this propensity of whites to think they can act with impunity against non-white citizens,” Ehrenreich said.

“The manner in which the political leaders of the City and the Province act, by preferencing whites in all areas of service delivery is contributing to this sense of entitlement that whites have”.

Ehrenreich said that the latest killing has become a feature of Premier Helen Zille’s leadership and that a so-called “Zillephobia” is on the increase due to her “constant reference that Blacks are stealing the higher paid jobs of whites, because the blacks are not fit for those jobs”.

He also described the appointment of Donald Grant as Head of Education a clear example of racism and that that Public Protector Thuli Madonsela should investigate Zille and “order her to stop mouthing racist statements which are designed to defend the apartheid generational advantage of White people”.

“For a leader to act in this manner, with impunity is unacceptable and if it is not stopped then we are going to take things into our own hands to deal with these racist attacks which is just a manifestation of White arrogance in the Western Cape,” he said.


CAPTION: COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich. IMAGE sourced from www.vocfm.co.za