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Election of Jordaan 'a false start' says DA's Trollip

MAY 28, 2015
Election of Jordaan 'a false start' says DA's Trollip

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says the election of south African Football Association (SAFA) boss, Danny Jordaan, as the new Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by an ANC-only Council meeting might as well have happened in the boardroom of Luthuli House.

"Jordaan will be nothing more than a part-time Mayor for NMB, as he jets-in and out fulfilling SAFA commitments. The very afternoon of his election he will jet off to Zurich to the FIFA congress, leaving the people of NMB behind and leaderless," said DA Federal Chairperson, Athol Trollip - who will also be facing Jordaan at the 2016 Local Government Elections for the Mayorship of the Metro.

"Who does Jordaan really serve, when he leaves NMB moments after being elected?

"The people of Nelson Mandela Bay have been handed a part-time Mayor by the ANC, who now has serious questions to answer over the $10 million bribe FIFA 2010 World Cup scandal.

"In a Metro that has been dragged to its knees by the ANC, committed and hands-on leadership is required to turn the ship around. This election of Jordaan is simply a ploy, when our people desperately need a new hope for improved governance."

Trollip said that a real change for Nelson Mandela Bay can only be brought through the ballot box, not through the ANC shuffling its leadership.

"The same ANC that destroyed Nelson Mandela Bay is still in government, just with a new face.

"The DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay in the 2016 election. The DA will bring a full-time Mayor and committed leadership to the City. I pledge to the people of the Bay a new hope for change and delivery, under a DA-governed Nelson Mandela Bay," he said.

"The DA will invest in the dilapidated water infrastructure, we will deliver the bus system that the ANC continues to bungle and will bring delivery to the all communities, including those sidelined by the ANC.

"Today is a false start for a sinking ANC."