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Electricity for 100 homes in Asherville

Sep 1, 2014
Electricity for 100 homes in Asherville

Approximately 100 of the new RDP houses in the Asherville area of Graaff-Reinet, in the Camdeboo Local Municipality, acquired electricity following the municipality's introduction of electricity to the area.

Camdeboo Local Municipality Mayor, Hannah Makoba; Municipal Manager, Reverend Noël Pietersen; Chief Whip Alfred Pannies and the Acting Chief Operating Officer, Hans Hendricks attended a ceremony to switch on the lights in this new development.

The construction of these RDP houses started in 2012 and was completed in May of this year.

According to Rev Pietersen, this is only the beginning of the switching on of electricity of the new houses in the Camdeboo Local Municipality.

“We, together with Mr Albertus van Zyl, from the Electrical Department of the Municipality, have worked hard to ensure that the electricity is installed in these homes,” Rev Pietersen said.

“By Friday [12 September], the rest of the homes in this area will also have electricity.”

Reverend Pietersen explained to local residents, who gathered for the ceremony, that the municipality would also test every transformer to determine if it meets all the necessary safety requirements.

“We trust that by the end of the month, electricity will be installed in this area, as well as Mandela Park in Kroonvale and Thembalesizwe in Aberdeen.

“We request a little patience from our residents while this is in progress.”

Mayor Makoba thanked the residents for their patience so far.

“We ask the residents once again for their cooperation. We want the electricity to be safe to use,” she said, and added jokingly, “Next time I visit someone in this area, I can expect some tea because there will not be an excuse of ‘no electricity’.”

Electricity means less robberies and housebreakings in the area, explained Pannies.

Annie Barendse, one of the residents, expressed her gratitude.

 “I’m very relieved now that we have electricity. Now I will be able to save up, because we had to buy gas to cook, and paraffin so that we could at least have light in the house,” she said


Photo Caption: SWITCHED ON… From left to right, Camdeboo Local Municipality Mayor, Hannah Makoba; beneficiary, Annie Barendse, Councillor Maria Meisik (behind her); Leon Prins, from the Camdeboo Local Municipality’s Housing Department; Tos van Zyl from the Camdeboo Local Municipality’s Electricity Department; Hans Hendricks, acting Chief Operating Officer; Reverend Pietersen, Camdeboo Local Municipality Municipal Manager; and Chief Whip, Alfred Pannies.