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Electro muscle stimulation: Try this new innovation in working out through EMS at Body20

Electro muscle stimulation: Try this new innovation in working out through EMS at Body20

Usually, when I meet people, they immediately ask; “Do you work-out?” to which I modestly reply; “I try where I can.” In reality though, exercising is something that I take very seriously as my current physique has been the result of non-stop hard work for a number of years.

Having been introduced to Body20 Fitness Studio when I was still residing in Cape Town, I was keen to find out whether such a facility existed in Port Elizabeth. Much to my delight it did and I wasted little time and headed off to 121 Main Road, Walmer, for a session.

Body20 utilises electro muscle stimulation technology that mimics the natural action of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to contract the body’s deep muscle fibres. The session combines various low impact exercises to amplify the contractions in certain muscle groups. One intense 20-minute workout is equivalent to 12-40 hours of conventional weight training depending on each individual’s fitness capabilities.

In that 20-minute session, your body gets over

24 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout, gym owner and personal trainer, Peter Garde, explained to me.

After changing into a special technical garment lycra suit and being hooked up to the electro muscle stimulation machine, my training began.

We started things off with a series of slow movements that can even be done in the comfort of your living room. What really surprised me, however, was witnessing how my muscles were performing as indicated by the levels on the machine’s monitor.

I learnt that, depending on your fitness level and goals, a training session can be either low impact - with basic exercises to awaken and improve muscles, or highly intense, with dynamic exercises to further activate and strengthen deep muscle tissue .

At the conclusion of my session, I was surprised at how exhausted yet invigorated I felt – and I had not lifted any weights. I was told the reason for my new energy is due to the improved circulation provided through the EMS training. One Body20 workout is reportedly equivalent to six conventional weight training sessions of 1.5 hours!

I also learnt that Body20 can customise their programmes to suit your needs, from heavy strength training, to fat and cellulite reduction regimes. So, whether you are a fitness addict, businessman, working mom and athlete or recovering from injury, I can highly recommend Body20 for you.

To book a demo session at 80% discount, refer to this article with reference HFT Magazine, when you visit 121 Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, or call 041 581 0142.