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emediaIT staff bring festive cheer to Domestic Animal Care Port Elizabeth

By Jesica Slabbert - Dec 22, 2016
emediaIT staff bring festive cheer to Domestic Animal Care Port Elizabeth

Staff from Port Elizabeth-based IT specialists, emediaIT brought Christmas cheer to the Domestic Animal Care in Port Elizabeth on the 15th of December. The staff raised funds in order to collect dog and cat food for animals in the City’s townships.

Domestic Animal Care was founded in 1982 by Ellen Dunning, in order to assist and educate owners of domestic animals in impoverished and underprivileged areas in the proper care of their pets.

They are also aiming to increase the numbers within their feeding programme to treat as many injured, ill or infected animals and assist owners, who want to arrange the sterilisation of their animals.

At least 300 dogs and cats are fed per week, and they attempt to educate owners of domestic animals in the proper care, love and respect for their pets. They also try to treat as many as possible ill, injured or infected animals as finances will allow.

Their sterilisation program helps stop the unnecessary, cruel and uncontrolled breeding of animals and provides them with a better quality of life, and also assists the combat of disease, especially sexually transmitted diseases as well as the transfer of mange.

“We would like to thank Pat Ramadass and Teniel Westenberg and the staff of emediaIT for taking the time off work to accompany us into Walmer Township,” said Bronwin Meier from Domestic Animal Care told RNEWS.

She said that their work also involves visiting local areas where they know animals don’t get well fed or properly looked after and try to assist.

To assist in this, the emediaIT staff brought their donations of wet food and pellets for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens to feed the animals in the township areas. They generously paid for the much needed chains, spring hooks and collars needed to untie and sort out 3 distressed dogs in Airport Valley.

A kennel, donated by Teniel Westenberg at emediaIT, was given to a young puppy that was dewormed and sprayed for fleas. Another wooden kennel had been donated by Michelle and Willi Lawson to Domestic Animals Care for a female dog that had recently given birth and did not have a safe place to keep her puppies.

“Our fundraising goes to Southern Cross and Pet Doctors on Pickering. About a month back we raised about R25 000 that was deposited straight into our vet account, and we are not just using this money for sterilisations,” described Bronwin.