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Emerald Vale Brewing Co.

By Tracey Wiltshire - Aug 19, 2016
Emerald Vale Brewing Co.

Craft breweries have become increasingly popular in South Africa and with good reason - their brews are usually delicious and the breweries have become an attraction in their own right.

Emerald Vale Brewing Company, situated on a farm just off the Chintsa Road between the Chintsa and Cefani Rivers in the Eastern Cape, is just such a place. 

As one turns off the Chintsa road you can see the brewery in the valley below and it’s really such a picturesque view that it becomes immediately obvious from where the brewery’s name originated. This area is part of the magnificent Wild Coast and the rolling hills, green grass and deeper green bush are truly beautiful.

Apart from the spotlessly clean brewery, Emerald Vale also has a pub and restaurant and kiddies play area.

Business partners, Chris and Petra, each have their special contribution.  Chris is the mastermind behind the beer and what started off as a hobby has grown into a successful business with 66 different outlets including Preston’s selling his brews. 

On a recent weekend my family and I visited this remarkable brewery and walking into the restaurant I found myself exhaling with a big sigh knowing that I was in the right place for a great meal.  The setting is charming and rustic and I could smell the delicious aromas seeping out of the kitchen. I overheard Stephen, the manager, serving another customer at the bar and proudly telling him about their famous range of brews and ice teas.

Chris says that they craft their beer from the best natural ingredients in a simple, yet precise process using rain water, malted barley, selected hops and yeast to yield a variety of tastes.  Their four different beverages have become famous in Border area.

The Emerald Vale Brewing Company website gives a good description of the brews.  The Pale Ale is a crisp, aromatic beer best suited to hot summer days while the Gold Ale, similar to the Pale Ale, has more body and is slightly more bitter.  The Amber Ale, a darker beer, has a smooth even body and a slightly sweeter toffee taste at the end.  The Dark Ale, is a rich, stout style beer with coffee and chocolate tastes.

This venue is ideal for events, team building, conferences or even small weddings. There is a large seated area inside, with local art on display and a cosy indoor fire place but I especially loved the large glass window where you can see the impressive beer making set-up.

Outdoors there are also a number tables and a well-equipped stage ready for live bands that play on an occasion.  My kids enjoy a visit to Emerald Vale as there’s ample space to run and play, as well as a jumping castle, jungle gym and ice cream shop especially set up for them.

The restaurant likes to change things up a bit and, with their ‘eat around the world’ dinning theme, one day a month they take on a new country and not only serve delicious cuisine from that part of the world but guests are invited to dress the part too. So far Austria, India and The Mediterranean have had their evenings so keep an eye on this website or the Emerald Vale Facebook to see what’s happening next.

See you there!

To book a tour, lunch or any event:  043 738 53 97 or  073 078 96 88 or email [email protected].  For more information and directions visit emeraldvalebrewery.co.za

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