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Enel Green Power SA donates two IT hubs to Cookhouse and Bedford communities

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 12, 2016
Enel Green Power SA donates two IT hubs to Cookhouse and Bedford communities

Enel Green Power South Africa on Monday donated two IT hubs to the communities of Bedford and Cookhouse, near the Nojoli Wind Farm - the first wind farm that Enel Green Power South Africa has brought into operation in South Africa.

The IT hubs are expected to be self-sustaining and provide much-needed access to IT services including internet connectivity to the rural community - especially learners, locally-based organisations and the youth.

In addition to the ICT infrastructure donated, two young people will be trained to manage the daily activities of the IT hubs and will be employed full time.

Speaking at the launch, Enel Green Power South Africa CEO, Bill Prince, said; “We are neighbours and neighbours help each other. Access to computers means better education and at Enel Green Power, sustainability is essential - we believe if we stand together, we can help this community grow.”

He added that access to clean energy should be affordable - hence the wind farm, and that working with the community, identifying their problems and come up with solutions, was one of the company’s goals.

Keynote speaker, Blue Crane Route Local Municipality Mayor, Bonisile Manxoweni, said that the IT hubs will benefit the community - especially the youth and school children, who will be able do their research projects online and improve their learning abilities.

“We are beginning to develop and it is our responsibility to look after our hubs and protect them. If we don’t take ownership of these hubs, it is going to be a waste,” said Mayor Manxolweni.

He added that, they are grateful to the Enel Green Power Group for providing the hubs and that the municipality will assist where needed, so that they succeed.

Bedford Ward Councillor, Jack Pasika also said; “We live in a town with so many unemployed youth and illiterate children. Projects like this one will assist the youth and children to brighten their future.”

Manager of Enel Green Power South Africa, Lizeka Dlepu, said; “Making sure this day happens was not easy, but at the end it was all worth it. It is a great pleasure to donate the Hubs because of the value it will add to the community at large, communication is the key, now everyone will be able to access internet and  have better communication and this is open to everyone to lean."

She added that they have played their role and now it is up to the communities to look after the hubs and use them productively.

Patricia Leeuskieter, 70, said that she is excited about the hubs and said that she now has an opportunity to equip herself with computer skills.

“It’s never too late to learn as old as I am I’m going to learn how to use computers and use that skill to enhance my business and grows it,” said Leeuskieter.