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Enjoying Munkee Bizniz: Great value and generous portions for all!

By Darren John - May 20, 2016
Enjoying Munkee Bizniz: Great value and generous portions for all!

While camping at The Willows with my boys a few weekends back, I decided to treat them to lunch at the rustic Munkee Bizniz Pub ‘n Grub, which is situated just across Marine Drive, in Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth.

Arriving at noon, on a sweltering Saturday, we climbed up the weathered stairway to the restaurant where our waitress suggested we take a seat out the back in the shade of their backyard area.

With our drinks order placed, I kicked off my shoes and put my feet in the sand while the boys rushed off to explore the trampoline, swings and sea buoys, which hung from other trees. I found the relaxed atmosphere perfectly complemented by the look of the furniture and decor – not a designer piece or pretentious feel anywhere!

Their menu offers a tasty and reasonably priced variety of generously portioned fare. Amongst others you’ll find chilli pops for starters; ribs, rump, chicken, fish, prawns, calamari, mussels, a selection of tasty burgers and a choice of mouth-watering combo options. Munkee Bizniz also offers toasted sandwiches, pasta’s, baskets, wraps and tempting pudding options.

Still, if you prefer something that is not on their menu, Munkee Bizniz has braai packs available as well as several fireplaces where you can enjoy a fun braai with your friends!

We opted for good old fashioned cheese burgers with chips, which were served on hardy enamel plates. Before long our meals arrived and we enjoyed them amidst a calm breeze and the chatter of other patrons – some of whom had even brought their dogs to this welcoming setting.

Not a scrap was left when we were done and we ordered another round of drinks in order to prolong our lazy stay.

Munkee Bizniz is an ideal destination for all looking for something down-to-earth and friendly, peppered with salt-of-the-earth characters and great value. You could easily find an excuse to stay a little longer as the stress of everyday life escapes you with every passing moment.

For more information, call them on: 079 498 4045 / 072 456 0425 / 082 967 5850.