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eNtsa, an internationally recognized hub of innovation

By Graeme Lund - Oct 26, 2018
eNtsa, an internationally recognized hub of innovation

International reputation

It is seldom that the Eastern Cape features in international accolades or is even acknowledged at all. The Kings Super Rugby franchise briefly gave us some international exposure as did the Rugby Sevens. Some of the local game reserves and natural attractions are known internationally too.

However, when it comes to technological innovation we seem to be a non-entity except for those in the know about eNtsa.

This innovative institute is internationally recognised for their engineering.

What iseNtsa?

Based at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in Port Elizabeth, eNtsa has some of the most advanced engineering software and equipment in the country.

They offer their cutting edge engineering services to all manner of organisations. However, as Nelson Mandela Bay is the centre of South Africa’s automotive industry, much of the work they do is involved in this industry.

eNtsa offers services in four main areas, namely; engineering design, component and material testing, prototyping and industrial R&D.

Engineering assistance to SMEs

Julien de Klerk, Technology Station Manager, at eNtsa, says, “We often work with SMEs who have a good concept or who have developed a localised product for the automotive industry. These component manufacturers often have great difficulty in having their part accepted by the vehicle manufacturers.”

The likes of VW, and Ford set very high standards and require their components to be of a high quality and to pass a myriad of tests.

“Thanks to our understanding of what is required by the industry and because of the technology, equipment and skill base that we have at eNtsa, we are able to assist local component manufacturers in having their products accepted by the auto manufacturers,” adds Julien.

eNtsa can provide engineering designs or simulations, advice on the manufacturing process, test the product to make sure that it conforms to the required material and performance standards and use cutting edge techniques, such as 3D scanning and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to advance your product development process.

Julien says, “Once the product has been tested against the applicable standard, we provide the results of the tests to the component supplier who adds them to their submission to the automotive manufacturer to allow the local part to be used in production.”

Industrial R&D

While assisting local SMEs, eNtsa also provides industrial R&D services to larger industrial partners, namely in the areas of solid state welding, metallurgical sampling and life prediction and extension services for high value components in the power generation and petro-chemical industries.

Site applications utilising the novel, eNtsa developed, WeldCore® technology are performed on an annual basis as part of life extension decisions within these sectors in South African.

Obtaining financial assistance for SMEs

eNtsa’s services are not inexpensive. However, this need not be an obstacle as eNtsa works closely with the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

“We have a close working relationship with TIA and DST and can often assist SMEs in accessing our services at subsidised rates,” concludes Julien.

For more information on eNtsa or to find out how they can assist your organisation, call them on 041 504 3608