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Environmental authorisation sought for John Tallant Road rehabilitation

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
Environmental authorisation sought for John Tallant Road rehabilitation

The municipality has submitted an application to the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) for environmental authorisation for the rehabilitation of the John Tallant Road in Deal Party.

The Basic Assessment Report (BAR) on the project says that it includes the up-grading of John Tallant Road from the N2 interchange to Grahamstown Road and upgrading of the intersection of John Tallant and Grahamstown roads.

The work also includes the extension of a culvert associated with John Tallant Road, upgrading along Grahamstown Road and construction of a slip lane at the Trunk Road and Grahamstown Road intersection.

In addition, the existing approximately 671 metre 22kV underground electric cable will be upgraded and buried in a trench.

The BAR says that the expected capital value of the activity on completion is R1.7 million and that 10 new employment opportunities will be created worth R100 000 during the development phase.

In its motivation with regard to the need and desirability of the project, the BAR notes that the John Tallant Road and intersections “provide an important access route” for the Fishwater Flats sewerage works and Algorax employees.

In addition, it states, it is “an important access road from the N2” for delivery trucks and the general public, adding that the increase in traffic volumes along Grahamstown and John Tallant roads from 2010 to 2020 is projected officially at approximately 35%.

The BAR says that traffic volumes along Grahamstown Road currently exceed 1 800 vehicles per hour in a southbound direction during the morning peak hour and 1 100 vehicles per hour in a northbound direction during the afternoon peak hour.

It says that according to the Highway Capacity Manual these volumes “indicate two lanes per direction are justified along Grahamstown Road. However, due to future road works planned in this area two lanes will not be implemented and interim solutions are needed.

“Traffic congestion is also expected to increase after the completion of Trunk Road 63 (TR63) between Despatch and Redhouse. - metrominutes