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ENVIRONMENTAL: New WCT Coal Distribution Centre opens in Cape Town

Aug 14, 2014
ENVIRONMENTAL: New WCT Coal Distribution Centre opens in Cape Town

Wescoal Trading, in partnership with Logistics Intelligence (LQ), has opened a new environmental-friendly product storage and distribution centre in Cape Town – while a similar one has been planned for Port Elizabeth.

This handling/transhipment facility, a first of its kind in the industry, is a 'carbon capture' site which substantially reduces the carbon footprint by not only switching transportation from road to rail but also ensuring that the product does not go to ground during transportation, transhipment or bulk storage.

Andre Boje, Chief Executive Officer of Wescoal says he is immensely proud of being part of such an innovative solution to the coal supply chain process.

"Wescoal and Wescoal Trading are very proud to be involved in this distribution centre which is environmentally friendly and which will reduce our carbon footprint in the overall coal supply process as the coal barely touches the ground once extracted from the coal mines in Mpumalanga”.

"Wescoal is a significant coal trader which is agile and innovative and this solution is one of the ways in which we are taking a responsible approach to providing clients with coal a large distance away from the source, in a format and quality to meet customer specifications in an environmentally friendly manner. Together with our partner (LQ) and by optimising rail and TFR’s  Belcon location, we can assure clients of an efficient process coupled with a quality product.”

This new transhipment centre is the first of its kind in Africa, resulting in 10 000 tons of coal per month being taken off the road and transported by train (equal to 350 road vehicles).

The containers are railed from Pretcon (12m) and delivered to site on trailers. The first stage of the transhipment is to decant the 12m container by tipping into a large hopper that can accommodate 30 tons, which is then fed by conveyor to be loaded into back door shipper owned containers for delivery or storage.

Dirch Olsen from LQ says they are thrilled to be part of this process and look forward to further developments in this regard.

"A similar facility is already being planned for Port Elizabeth. This process is very clean and enables a seamless intermodal solution without adding cost to the supply chain, which fits in perfectly with what drives the LQ team - the concept of 'smart moves," he said.