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Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value - Amendments to the EEA: Payment Gaps seminar

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value - Amendments to the EEA: Payment Gaps seminar

This seminar is aimed at understanding this new principle, what the impact on your business may be, what the consequences of non-compliance are, and providing practical guidance on how to apply this principle in the workplace.

The obligation to eliminate unfair discrimination in respect of remuneration arises under Chapter 2 of the Employment Equity Act. Section 6(4) of the Act, which came into effect on 1 August 2014, provides that a difference in terms and conditions of employment between employees of the same employer, performing the same or substantially the same work or work of equal value, that is directly or indirectly based on any one or more of the listed grounds or any other arbitrary ground, is unfair discrimination.

In addition, section 198A(5) of the Labour Relations Act, as amended, stipulates that an “temporary employment service” employee who is deemed to be the employee of the client in terms of subsection (3)(b), must be treated on the whole not less favourable than an employee of the client performing the same or similar work, unless there is a justifiable reason for different treatment.

The amendment of the EEA has not changed unfair discrimination law in respect of pay differentials. For the most part it serves to remind employees of their rights in this regard. Employers would be well advised to therefore look at the amendments as a reminder to proactively ensure that there is substantive equality in their pay practices and policies.

This seminar will cover:

  • The problem of unequal pay
  • Overview of pre-amendment law
  • Amendments to the EEA
  • Case studies
  • Why should employers refocus on the problem of payment differentials?
  • How to address the problem of pay differentials proactively


Who Should Attend? HR Practitioners, HR Managers, EE Committee Members and Business Owners.

For more information please contact:
Vicky Phillips
Tel: 041 373 2994
E-mail: [email protected]