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Eskom: 10 days and counting without load shedding

Aug 20, 2015
Eskom: 10 days and counting without load shedding

Eskom, which advised on Thursday morning that it was not expecting load shedding today, might reach a new milestone after it boasted of reaching 10 days of no load shedding on Wednesday.

Since late last year, when it reintroduced rolling blackouts to avert a collapse of the national grid, the power utility has rarely gone beyond 10 days of no load shedding.

Speaking at The New Age Business Briefing on Thursday, Acting CEO, Brian Molefe, said that the power utillity was dealing with problems "but we are moving forward in changing peoples' lives."

"About 160 000 households were connected to the electricity grid in the last year, more than 4million in 20 years," he added.

Molefe also said that the future for South Africa was prepaid electricity.

"With prepaid electricity, people can see what they are using and be more responsible with how they use electricity."

According to him, all municipalities, who are owing Eskom, are paying their debts. In the Eastern Cape, only the struggling Makana Local Municipality, owed Eskom.

"We signed new repayment plans with 20 municipalities. And they have stuck to the repayment plans."

He said that Eskom has gone through a cost-cutting programme "and that exercise has had unintended consequences".

Molefe also said that the power utility has also tried to employ more people with disabilities and women.

On Wednesday, the utility also embarked on several electricity safety road shows across the country including in rural Bizana in the Eastern Cape.

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