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Eskom escalates to Stage 3 emergency load shedding

APRIL 15, 2015
Eskom escalates to Stage 3 emergency load shedding

Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 3 load shedding from 4pm on Wednesday - an escalation from Stage 2 load shedding which was implemented since 6am in the morning. This is the second consecutive day of Stage 3 load shedding after the power utility implemented Stage 3 load shedding on Tuesday afternoon.

"Due to the vulnerable system partial Stage 3load_shedding will be implemented from 16:00 to 22:00," Eskom tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

"Eskom assures customers that load shedding is implemented to protect the power system. We will only load shed what is required in Stage 3."

Meanwhile, on Wednesday afternoon, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown said Eskom’s implementation of stage three load shedding yesterday is not an indication South Africa is close to a blackout.

Brown this afternoon held a briefing on the state of the country’s electricity grid.

“It is expected that the situation could continue throughout winter, when consumption of course is higher, as the constraints on the grid means planned, controlled and rotational load shedding and load curtailment are introduced to protect the power system.”

She says while she understands the consequences of power cuts on business and productivity in general, she wants to assure the public that government and Eskom are working tirelessly to ensure there is an adequate electricity supply.

Brown says “balancing the grid” will help Eskom avoid a situation where it’s forced to implement stage four load shedding.