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Eskom: Generators back online, loadshedding risk low

Dec 17, 2014
Eskom: Generators back online, loadshedding risk low

Four Eskom generators that had stopped working at three power stations on Tuesday - raising fears of a "Christmas in the dark", were reportedly functional again on Wednesday morning, Eskom said.

“As we speak now this morning, we have recovered those units,” Eskom acting spokesman, Khulu Phasiwe said.

“The system is no longer as tight as it was. We have relatively stabilised the power system,” he said.

He said the power utility needed to build up its diesel and water reserves, which it had used for the past few days as an alternative supplier.

Phasiwe said the risk of rolling blackouts still remained, but was low.

In recent weeks, the utility has battled to keep the lights on since the collapse of one of its coal storage silos, diesel shortages, and maintenance issues.

On December 5, Eskom implemented stage three “load shedding”. Stage one allows for up to 1000MW of the national load to be shed, stage two for up to 2000MW, and stage three for up to 4000MW.

On December 8, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona denied that the state utility was in a crisis. - additional reporting by Sapa