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Eskom implements Stage 1 load shedding from 7am (see schedules)

MAY 16, 2015
Eskom implements Stage 1 load shedding from 7am (see schedules)

Eskom has implemented Stage 1 Load shedding from 07:00 today, according to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. It is expected to last until 10:30pm tonight - there is probability this could end up as Stage 2 as has happened over the past weeks.

The power utility has been struggling to build enough generating capacity to meet electricity demand in the economy.

On Thursday, Eskom, in its System Status Bulletin, said; "The electricity system remains significantly constrained today and for the rest of the week leading into the weekend, as well as next week as demand surpasses available supply. The shortage of generating capacity is due to several units being out of service for maintenance.

For Saturday, it said the capacity available to meet that evening’s peak demand is 31 068 MW (including open cycle gas turbines) while demand is forecast at 30 342 MW. 

Meanwhile, Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, on Thursday warned that South Africans should brace themselves for three more years of load shedding as Eskom continues to struggle with meeting demands.

This week, the National Energy Regulator (NERSA), which will only announce its final decision on Eskom’s application for a 25.3% tariff increase for the current financial year at the end of June, says it needs your opinion on the matter.

Nersa is encouraging members of the public to actively participate in this process by submitting written comments and attending or making oral representation at the public hearings to be held from 23 to 24 June 2015.

Nersa spokesperson, Charles Hlebela, says more information will be available on its website on Tuesday afternoon.

"According to Eskom's application they have asked for a total increase of 25.3% for the 2015/2016 year. If we include the 2.5% increase in the environmental levy and for the 2016/2-17 according to the application the increase will be 3.24% excluding the levy and for 2017/2018 it will be 7.26%" he said.

Eskom’s application was published on its website  on Wednesday, after some confidential sections were removed.

The public will have 30 days to make submissions* until June 15.

Public hearings will be held for two days around June 24 and Nersa hopes to take a final tariff determination on June 29.

Thereafter Eskom will have to translate the average increase into detailed tariffs that Nersa has to approve before it can be implemented.

Municipalities will have to translate it into their own tariff systems and only after these tariffs have been approved by Nersa, will municipal tariff increases be approved.

*Written comments can be forwarded to [email protected] or hand-delivered to Kulawula House, 526 Madiba Street, Arcadia, Pretoria or posted to PO Box 40343, Arcadia, 0083, Pretoria, South Africa.

The closing date for written comments is June 15 2015 at 16H00.

For Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Stage 1&2 for 11-17 May 2015

Please note that:  


  • The schedule does not mean that every single household/property in a particular Group will definitely be switched off for the entire duration of the loadshedding time-slot;
  • Hospitals and major industrial areas are not affected by loadshedding. In certain instances, there are households which are supplied from the same substation that provides power to a hospital or factory (such as at SANCA in Chatty) - these households are, fortunately and consequently, not affected by loadshedding;

    Loadshedding will not be implemented outside the scheduled timeframes.