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Eskom implements Stage 1 load shedding until 23:00hrs on Thursday

Mar 14, 2019
Eskom implements Stage 1 load shedding until 23:00hrs on Thursday

Power utility, Eskom, on Thursday advised businesses and residents that it is implementing Stage 1 load shedding between from 11:00 to 23:00 - after days of saying that it would probably resort to loadshedding due to a shortage of capacity.


Customers are advised to keep checking their load shedding schedules on the Eskom website or municipal websites to determine when they are due to get loadshedding.

For Eskom customers, these schedules are available on the Eskom website (loadshedding.eskom.co.za).

"Eskom customers can also contact our Customer Contact Centre at 0860 037 566," the utility said.

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Stage 1 load shedding

Stage 1 rotational loadshedding requires 1000MW to be loadshed nation-wide. Loadshedding is conducted as a measure of last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout.

"We encourage residents and businesses to please use electricity sparingly to ease the demand of electricity. Please switch off geysers as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing demand."

Residents and businesses are also urged to treat all connections as live.

Eskom will provide regular updates on the status of the power system through all the media platforms.

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