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Eskom issues autumn and winter system outlook

MARCH 14, 2016
Eskom issues autumn and winter system outlook

Eskom on Monday sais that it is making progress with the maintenance of its power generating plant whilst supplying the country’s electricity needs.
"No load shedding is anticipated today. There has been no load shedding for over seven months now, and our prognosis for the rest of the summer going into autumn and winter is that there will be no load shedding," the power utility noted.
"We will continue with a rigorous programme of planned maintenance without implementing load shedding while also minimising the usage of open cycle gas turbines (OCGTs).
"Eskom is targeting to have no more than 11 500MW in summer and 8 500MW in winter out due to planned maintenance and unplanned breakdowns. Crucial to this is ensuring that we effectively carry out weekend maintenance to improve plant reliability (we carry out opportunity maintenance for units at risk over the weekend when demand is low)."
It said that renewable energy will continue to contribute up to 1 600MW (at peak) of electricity generated during the day from solar and wind, including Eskom’s 100MW Sere wind farm.
"We will use all available levers to avoid load shedding, including electricity generated by independent power producers (IPPs), OCGTs and Demand Response," Eskom said.
"We will continue to provide regular updates on the state of the power system through various media platforms."