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Eskom looking to make it a month without load shedding

AUGUST 24, 2015
Eskom looking to make it a month without load shedding

Eskom expects to go for a month without implementing load shedding, said spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe, speaking on a television morning show. This after the first unit at the Medupi Power Station was handed over to the power utility's operational division after undergoing testing for the past few months.

The power utility has not implemented load shedding for the past 15 days and on Monday morning advised that the power grid was stable, which meant that there was a low risk of load shedding.

Phasiwe, however, said that their ambition for a full month without load shedding depended on their generators not failing during that time.

The Medupi unit has been contributing 800 megawatts to the power grid since March this year.

Phasiwe said, “This power is not a thoroughly new power per say. It is power that we have been using all along.”

He still advised that while the unit, with enough power to light up a small town like Bloemfontein, is going to help Eskom to reduce the risk of load shedding, consumers should still use power efficiently.

Eskom expects all six units at the Medupi Power Station to be fully functional in five years time.