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Eskom: No load shedding expected for the rest of the week

Dec 29, 2014
Eskom: No load shedding expected for the rest of the week

Electricity demand is expected to remain low this week, Eskom said on Sunday. This means there won’t be a need to implement load shedding, the parastatal said.

Earlier this month, Eskom was forced to implement stage-three load shedding due to the high demand for electricity.

The power utility said it’s in the process of building new power stations and is working hard to improve the performance of its existing plants.

Eskom spokesperson Andrew Etzinger said, “The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is characterised by low electricity demand. It’s in fact the week of the lowest electricity demand throughout the year.

“Electricity demand will step up in the week when schools go back. That’s when economic activity returns to normal levels.”

Electricity outages in Kouga Local Municipality

Meanwhile, Eskom on Sunday also announced that the Kouga Local Municipality experienced a network fault that resulted into a power supply interruption in Jeffreys Bay.

“The municipality has been working on fixing the fault since yesterday. Eskom is working with the municipality, assisting to restore supply as soon as possible,” Eskom said in a statement.  

The power giant has been battling to stabilise the national grid after a coal silo collapsed at the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga last month.