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Eskom on why they never have load shedding while you have it always

Aug 7, 2015
Eskom on why they never have load shedding while you have it always

While advising that the load shedding prognosis for Friday is medium for the morning and high for the evening, Eskom also sought to clear up confusion over why some customers never receive load shedding while others may even have it twice a day or over and over.

Eskom also advised customers to always check its load shedding schedules, and to report any outage that does not coincide with these as a fault.

Why are some customers switched off for longer than the published times on the schedules, and sometimes more than once a day?

"Most customers are switched off according to the published schedules because we generally use remote-controlled switches to control the network," Eskom explained.

"However, some customers are switched off for longer than the period published in the schedules because, if the remote switching does not work because the switching equipment or the telecommunications links have failed, we have to send out technicians to do this switching manually, and in these cases we may over-run the scheduled times."

The power utility said another possible cause of time over-runs is that when we re-energise the network, there are large surge currents, which can damage network equipment or cables.

"This means that we have to send out field teams to find and repair the fault before the power can be restored.

"Customers should please switch off all apparatuses and appliances during an outage so that they can minimise the effect of this surge, and also protect their own equipment against possible damage. Leave only one light on so that you know when power has been restored."

Why do some customers not have any load shedding at all, yet in some areas the same customers have load shedding over and over again?

"We have agreements with certain large customers that they will reduce a significant percentage of their load when we go into load shedding, but we still have to keep their power on during these times.

"Also, we do not cut off the critical entities that directly contribute to the continuity of power supply, e.g. coal mines, oil refineries and water supply pumps," Eskom said.

"It could be that other customers are connected to the same networks feeding these large or critical customers, and since we switch the load shedding by network (it is impossible to isolate individual customers), these other customers would benefit by not having their power cut."

Outages outside of load shedding schedules

"If an outage occurs at a different time to the published schedule, or goes on for longer it should be treated as a fault & be reported," the power utility said.

"If your area is directly supplied by Eskom call: 0860 037 566 / if supplied by your local municipality, please call the municipality."


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