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Eskom reiterates lights will be on this Winter

MAY 17, 2016
Eskom reiterates lights will be on this Winter

Eskom on Tuesday said that the maintenance of its power generating plant was progressing well hence, it was still able to continue to supply the country's energy needs despite the cold snap experienced in most parts of the country over the weekend. 
"To date we have not implemented load shedding in 9 months, except for 2 hours and 20 minutes. This is due to a number of factors including leadership involvement, added capacity and improved plant performance," the power utility said in a statement.
"In terms of leadership involvement, there has been an alignment in all structures to the new leadership’s vision as well as adherence to the maintenance plan which has been executed with discipline. The Tetris planning tool has also been utilised optimally and has resulted in minimal diesel usage at our open cycle gas turbines."
Eskom also said that it has added additional capacity to the grid including Medupi Unit 6 (700MW) and Ingula Unit 4 (333MW).
"We have previously reported our improved plant performance which has meant plant breakdowns including other capacity loss factors have decreased from 18% down to 12% in seven months. We have also focused on ensuring our power station units run at optimum levels thus increasing the energy availability factor from 71% to 76%," the utility said.
"We appreciate the support of all our customers and urge them to continue to use electricity sparingly at all times.
"Eskom will continue with planned maintenance and we remain focused on delivering on our capital expansion programme. Ingula will be fully commissioned in 2017, Medupi will be fully commissioned in 2020 and Kusile will be fully commissioned in 2022."