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Eskom reiterates no need for load-shedding this weekend

Eskom reiterates no need for load-shedding this weekend

Eskom on Friday reiterated that while the power grid remains tight, the risk for further load-shedding this week is minimal.

Addressing the media in Johannesburg, Eskom Chief Executive, Tshediso Matona, said that the Majuba Power Station was currently generating 1 600MW out of the 1800MW it lost last weekend when one of its coal silos cracked and later collapsed - and that four of its six units are in operation.

“The plant is already operating with at least 70% of expected capacity. Load shedding prognosis is low for today,” he said.

"Eskom has not load shed since Sunday, all other power outages experienced are a result of localised faults.”

Matona said that a Majuba recovery team has been established and a high level recovery scope of work is in place.

He also said that the investigation into what happened at Majuba could take between 3 – 6 months to finalise.

“We call on stakeholders who have additional information on the incident to contact us, to ensure that the investigation is robust,” Matona said.

“We are painfully aware of the impact of this incident given the electricity supply situation in the country.

“Eskom apologises to all consumers but call on you yet again to switch off unnecessary lights, the geyser, pool pump and air-conditioning.”

He said Eskom was engaging with municipalities to make sure their load shedding schedules are linked to the Eskom website.

“Eskom and the municipalities are busy making sure that the load shedding schedules are easy to interpret,” he said.

“If you are having problems interpreting the schedules forward your queries to your local municipality and Eskom to get them addressed.”

Yesterday, Eskom said that the risk of load shedding was low and for the rest of the week into the weekend as a result of the increased generating capacity from the power station.

“Should we need to go into load shedding, customers will be alerted as early as possible,” the power utility said.

Eskom’s load shedding schedules are available for Eskom direct customers on its website (http://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/). Customers can also contact the call centre 0860 037 566 for additional information.