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Eskom says plant maintenance progressing well without need for load shedding

JANUARY 27, 2016
Eskom says plant maintenance progressing well without need for load shedding

Eskom on Wednesday said that it is progressing well with the maintenance of its power generating plant, whilst supplying the country’s electricity needs - without resorting to load shedding.

"Except for 2 hours and 20 minutes, load shedding has not been implemented in over five-and-a-half months now," the power utility said.

Meanwhile, it said that its Research, Testing and Development (RT&D) department is playing a significant role in the energy research landscape in South Africa.

"The department’s mandate is to provide specialised technical testing and inspection services to the business as well as to offer technical consulting services aligned to our areas of competence. It also develops ‘next horizon’ technologies through a robust pilot and demonstration project portfolio that highlights the benefits, risks and steps required to implement identified innovative solutions.

The James Watts Metering Laboratory, which is housed at Eskom’s Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC) in Rosherville, has capabilities to test the reliability and functionality of all types of electricity metering equipment used within Eskom.

"This includes smart meters, prepaid meters and split meters. Eskom is currently rolling out its smart prepayment programme in Sandton, Midrand and Soweto as well as in surrounding areas, with a number of customers already benefitting from the roll-out.

"The laboratory work is interlinked with research into advanced metering systems that can enable improved revenue collection and reduce non-technical losses which occur due to meter tampering and bypassing," the power utility said.

"The laboratory supports Group Technology in evaluating new technologies before deployment into Eskom.

"We would like to encourage customers to continue using electricity sparingly. We will continue to provide regular updates on the state of the power system through various media platforms."