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ESPRESSO, SEA, BLISS: Kaffeine Espresso Bar offers a mouth-watering seaside break

ESPRESSO, SEA, BLISS: Kaffeine Espresso Bar offers a mouth-watering seaside break

After a busy week ensuring that this year ends on a high note, I recently found myself in need of a relaxing break. By chance, a colleague suggested that we visit Kaffeine Espresso Bar in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. At first, I was somewhat sceptical at how an espresso bar would fix days of sensory overload, but it really did.

Arriving at Kaffeine on a sunny afternoon, I was immediately struck by how welcoming and friendly their staff are. From their deck, we had a clear view of the blue Indian Ocean horizon while a refreshing sea-breeze wafted into the bar. We, however, opted to relax indoors as we could not resist their lavish couches.

I placed my order for a bacon, avocado and feta salad while my colleague chose a garlic and feta pizza. With my order, I also opted for a healthy strawberry milkshake.

While we waited for our meals, we took time to enjoy Kaffeine’s warm and lively vibe. The décor is subtle yet stimulating with a variety of seating options, from traditional tables and benches to couches. Extra perks include free Wi-Fi for professionals and students who cannot afford downtime.

Soon, our food arrived; I must say I was really impressed by the promptness of their kitchen and service. My salad was fresh, rich and tasty. Each ingredient stood out and yet blended so well with the rest – I will be going back again to Kaffeine just for this salad.

My colleague’s pizza had a unique Mediterranean flare thanks to an assortment of fresh herbs that were added to the base before it was rolled out. Combined with the toppings, the pizza was a great mix of flavours – we scooped every little morsel from the plate. What made our lunch the more enjoyable was that our bill was also very reasonable.

Kaffeine’s menu also offers a wide choice of American, British, Italian, Thai and vegetarian-styled breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Local ‘caffeine junkies’ will be happy to know that their barista, Bobby Adams, won the Eastern Cape Regional Cup Tasting at the SCASA 2013 Barista Regional Championships. They are open from 07h00 to 17h00 from Monday to Saturday and from 8am on Sundays.

I later spoke to Sally, the owner, who said they also cater for private family parties and corporate functions. Pets are also welcome on the deck, so remember to pop in after running your dog on the beach.

To find out more, call 041 583 5080 or visit the Summerstrand Village, 8th Avenue, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.