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Estimated 70% of registered vehicles in SA lack insurance - AA

By Charl Bosch - Jun 22, 2016
Estimated 70% of registered vehicles in SA lack insurance - AA

The Automobile Association (AA) has expressed concern at a new survey which found that between 65 and 70% of the country’s 11.4-million registered vehicles are without insurance.

In a statement, the association said the majority of drivers site the cost of vehicle insurance as the main reasons, with some assuming the likely hood of not being an accident as another reason.

“Paying for repairs and recovering costs after a crash can be a slow, painful, and expensive process. This will potentially leave you without transport, or reliant on public transport where it is available, meaning your crash, and the result of you being uninsured, will impact on your life in significant ways,” the AA said.

The survey further revealed that up to 800 000 vehicles were not registered or classified roadworthy, with some drivers again pointing the finger at high costs.

“It is unlikely that these 800 000 cars are insured given that their owners are not even registering or looking after them. We understand that times are tough, but we also know that motorists need to cover themselves adequately,” the statement continued.

“Our view is that the costs of non-insurance are higher, and that failing to properly insure your vehicle places you at a greater financial risk”.