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Even with Medupi, SA needs 18 months for electricity supply to stabilise

Mar 4, 2015
Even with Medupi, SA needs 18 months for electricity supply to stabilise

While the Medupi Power Station started producing some electricity on Monday, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown says it will take at least 18 months before South Africa’s electricity network is more stable.

Medupi’s Unit 6 synchronised with the national power grid (adding another 80 megawatts to the system) as the power station prepares for its full operation in June.

By 2020, all units of the Medupi Power Station will deliver more than 4,000 megawatts.

While South Africans have been warned that this won't resolve the current electricity problem, Brown says the Medupi synchronisation is a step in the right direction.

“I’m quite pleased actually that we can see some kind of progress. It doesn’t matter how much talk we have, if we're not bringing on new energy it doesn’t matter.”

Brown says Eskom now needs to move quickly from diesel to gas in order to power generators.

She says while good progress has been made, it doesn’t mean load shedding will stop.

Again be prepared for evening load shedding

Meanwhile, Eskom on Wednesday morning tweeted that; “There is  a medium probability of load shedding during the day, with a very high probability of load shedding for this evening.”

Eskom not in partnership with companies selling electricity consumption reduction products

On Tuesday, Eskom warned  members of the public that it is not in partnership with a company called Gimme Power CC and/or any other company that claims to sell a product which reduces electricity consumption.

“Furthermore, the company is selling, among others, a product termed "electric buddy" which is purportedly approved by Eskom as being energy efficient,” the power utility said.

“At no stage did Eskom endorse Gimme Power as a company working in partnership with Eskom, or the ‘electric buddy’ or any of Gimme Power’s products to be energy-saving.

“Thus the conduct of distributing marketing material stating that Gimme Power is in partnership with Eskom or that Eskom has approved any of Gimme Power’s products as being energy-efficient is not only false but misleading to the public. Eskom is not associated with any of the company’s products or promotional/marketing material.”