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Everything you need to know about vaping

By Jesica Slabbert - Jul 17, 2017
Everything you need to know about vaping

In recent years, vaping has taken the world completely by storm, and has become one of the biggest trends sweeping the world since the invention of cigarettes in the 80’s. But how much do we actually know about vaping itself?

Is there a difference between vaping and smoking a cigarette? Are there any health risks to vaping? Where are you allowed to vape? How much does vaping cost?

Here is some information about vaping that will help clear the air on this new trend.

What is vaping?

Vaping was first considered the latest transitional and systematic method to help quit smoking cigarettes. Nowadays though it is seen as more of a trend, and has garnered loyal followers from all over the world. In more technical terms, vaping is he inhaling of vapours of heated flavoured liquid.

It is considered to be a much healthier alternative to cigarettes because it doesn’t have any tobacco, tar or other harmful additives.

Vaping requires various components: a powered device to facilitate this process, the e-liquid and an atomiser. The atomiser contains a coil that heats up the e-liquid, turning it into a vapour. The e-liquid is made up of four main chemical components: vegetable glycerine (that produces the vapour), the flavouring, the flavour carrier; propylene glycol, and small traces of nicotine.

With vaping, you don’t smell like cigarette smoke as there is no actual combustion, and the vapours which evaporate within a few seconds after exhaling, aren’t harmful to those around you. 

It is because of this that vaping does not fall under the same restrictions as cigarettes or smoking zones in public places and restaurants. You can basically vape anywhere without fear of persecution or being chased out somewhere.

Health risks?

While research indicates that vaping is a healthy and less addictive alternative to smoking cigarettes, there have been new dangers associated with the trend.

One of the main concerns being that the vape itself can overheat and has the potential to explode should it get too hot.

There is also the fact that the wide range of flavours has made this trend very popular among teenagers and students, but many parents don’t see this as a good thing, thinking that it is too similar to teen smoking, only with a fruitier flavour.

So while there is no way one can say that vaping is 100% safe, it is still considered exponentially safer than cigarettes, and the exhaled vapour smoke contains a lot less harmful components than that of cigarette smoke.

A trend or cultural phenomenon?

Vaping has become a whole new culture, with vape manufacturers selling apparels, hats and gear with their name on it. What’s more, there are vape bars and online communities.

To top it off, there are always people who want to take it to a whole new level, and in the world of vaping, they’re called cloud chasers. These folks have turned vaping into a competitive sport, which is called cloud chasing. The goal is simple, to produce the biggest, and thickest plumes of vapour.

How do I start Vaping?

Well when it comes to buying anything, the key is research. You have to know what kind of Vape you want, what components you will need, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

To assist with this Vape Lounges have been established in many cities. These lounges both sell the vaping devices and the flavours you can use for them, and they also provide a social aspect to the trend where fellow vapers can just relax and vape together in a living room setting.

Here are the different kinds of Vapes available to the public:

  1. Vaporizers

Vaporizers or medical marijuana vaporizers are usually used to vape dry herbs. These are considerably the most expensive of all the vapes and can set you back thousands of Rands. Since there is no combustion but weed is turned into vapour by extreme heat coming from either a heating ceramic plate or hot air, the harmful compounds don’t get to your lungs.

  1. Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs)

They turn e-juice or e-liquid into vapour and are the most common types of vaporizers. These vapes try to mimic the sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. In addition to the device, the vaping experience mainly depends on the e-liquid. They are flavoured e-juices that may or may not have some nicotine in them.

  1. Vape Tanks

Vape tanks or cartomizers are one of the very important parts of your vaping gear. They hold the e-liquid and have a coil that, when activated, can turn the liquid into vapour. Vape tanks come in four major types: Standard, Sub-Ohm, RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RBAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). Each of these is suitable for different type of mods. Vape tanks can be expensive, and it’s not a good idea to experiment.

  1. Vape Mods

Vape mods are enhanced vaporizers with additional parts, more power, and more features. Mods are customized to cater vaping needs of different types of vapers. For example, some vapers prefer their vapour to be more flavour-rich that goes easy on the throat and is easy to inhale, while others want thick vapour, so they can exhale big plumes (or even do some vape tricks).

A Vape Shop near me?

In Port Elizabeth, there are three well-known Vape Lounges that not only sell everything you need to get into vaping, but some also hold their own cloud chasing competitions.

Port Elizabeth is actually home to the second biggest Vape Lounge in South Africa The Vape Shack PE in Walmer, East Coast Vapes in The Boardwalk and Steve's Vape Shop in Linton Grange.