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Evolution MMA offers a world-class facility

By Graeme Lund - Jan 13, 2016
Evolution MMA offers a world-class facility

It’s interesting watching the faces of professional sportsmen and women as they enter Evolution MMA for the first time and take a look over the mezzanine floor onto the fitness area below. Surprise (at the quality) and elation (at the opportunity) and an all-round OMG best describes their expressions.

Still, it’s not so surprising that new-comers are immediately impressed because Evolution MMA is truly a world-class venue for getting fit, strong and conditioned. The massive floor space, array of punch bags, awesome weights section and professional trainers make Evolution MMA something special.

Andrew Garai, the owner, says, “I believe in training everybody to a professional athlete level, whether you are a stay at home mom or professional cage fighter, I train you the same.

“New members work within their ability but I push them just as hard as the pros. In this manner, I can turn a couch potato into an athlete within a few months.”

Over the past few months, Evolution MMA has hosted a number of top athletes including Luke Michael, EFC fighter; Brendon Groenewald, EFC Heavyweight Champion; Amanda Lino, current world MMA Champion; Louis Bessinger, World Junior Body Building Champion; Lairen Terblanche, WBFF Pro Card Competitor; David Karchmer, First Degree BJJ Black belt under Team Balance; Wayne Coetzee, WBFF Pro Card competitor; Andrew Thompson, K1 Kickboxing Africa Grand Prix Winner and Jayde Essenderup, 2nd placed NAC Junior Mr Universe, all of whom have imparted their experience and wisdom on the members, who have attended their seminars and training routines.

Although almost all the major forms of Martials Arts are taught at the gym, the majority of members join Evolution MMA for two reasons. Firstly to get fit - and this is a no nonsense training environment and everybody takes the training seriously, and secondly for the fun. 

Andrew and his team organise all manner of extramural activities from burger nights to beach clean ups, from ladies self-defence classes to trail runs.

If you’re feeling intimidated because I’ve used words like “world-class”, “professional athlete” and “Martial Arts” then I have done you a disservice. Yes, this gym is like no other you’re likely to encounter but it is far from scary. 

The trainers love working with people and derive pleasure from seeing the member’s progress in fitness, strength and skill. They will encourage you, advise you, push you and make you feel great.

If you are wanting to get in shape, get fit, learn to fight, lose weight, gain muscle or just burn off a few calories, Evolution MMA is, without a doubt, the place to be.

For more information, visit www.evolutionmma.co.za or call Andrew on 083 334 3324.