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Executive Mayor’s Message to the 2015 Matriculants

By Supplied - Oct 20, 2015
Executive Mayor’s Message to the 2015 Matriculants

As Executive Mayor and on behalf of the City Council of George, I wish the Matriculants of 2015 success in their Matric Exams.

The next couple of weeks is your opportunity to prove to yourself and the world exactly what you are able to do. This exam is the watershed between your school career of 12 years and your own future. I call on every Matriculant to throw in everything possible and to focus on his/her studies.

I urge you to follow the recipe of all successful people in life. It means that you come to a decision, to put aside your friends and your social life for a short period - in order to reach for your goal: your personal best in the Final Exam.

Character is not just the desire to achieve... the desire to achieve must be turned into action. The success recipe for action is that of good planning, and disciplined hard work.

Work like a professional student, live like a professional student... and then we as a community will join you and your fellow successful students in celebrating the fruit of your success. Work with diligence to reach your ideal. May you be driven by a new will and believe in yourself and GOD every moment.

I also urge the entire community (parents, learners, teachers, family and friends) to support our Matriculants and to motivate them to close 2015 with success.

Image: George municipality Executive Mayor, Charles Standers