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EXHILARATING, FUN & SAFE: Acrobranch Wildwoods brings loads of outdoors amusement for the entire family

By Candra Neilson - Aug 8, 2014
EXHILARATING, FUN & SAFE: Acrobranch Wildwoods brings loads of outdoors amusement for the entire family

With courses to make Tarzan feel right at home, Acrobranch, which I suspect to be a portmanteau derived from ‘acrobatics’ and ‘branch’, offers exhilarating family outdoors fun and adventure up in the trees in a safe and supervised environment

Acrobranch Wildwoods is situated on the grounds of the Timberlake Organic Village, just off the N2 Highway, between Wilderness and Sedgefield and bordering the Wilderness Nature Reserve. The combinations a series of ropes, ladders, bridges, swings, nets, 78 different platforms connected by long ziplines (the new one is 210 m long) create an adrenalin-filled aerial obstacle course that will challenge your claim to be a chest-pounding king of the jungle.

After enjoying drinks at one of the boutique coffee shops located at the village, our group of eight people made our way to Acrobranch Wildwoods. Our tickets in hand, we headed to a platform for a ‘safety briefing’ with one of their guides who also assisted us with our safety gear. Every participant has gloves and two snap-link carabineers tied to their harness – so you don’t fall when you lose your grip.

All kitted up, we were taken to a ‘practice’ course where I soon realised that my pumps where the wrong shoes – as a heads up remember to bring sturdy shoes. However, our guide was gentle, knowledgeable and generally available without being too interfering. I also witnessed his colleagues helping climbers down from overwhelming situations and giving kind and clear instructions on how to tackle the obstacles.

There are three courses for adults and one for kids - all with varying difficulty and height from the ground. The adult courses can be tackled by anyone over 10 years.

We ended up doing a combined course called the Swinging Tarzan. This is made up of a long adventure course with 29 obstacles and then the signature Tarzan-swing to challenge the brave. The highest platform on this course 8m up and the longest zipline is 75m. It’s pure adrenaline powered fun for 90 minutes!

In case you will need to backtrack from one difficult obstacle, there are short-cuts available. I, sadly, ended up utilising most of these but still had heaps of fun.

While some started off quite nervously, I saw kids easily getting the hang of their Monkey Moves course - pushing themselves through obstacles and testing their strength, stamina, agility, reflexes and confidence. Acrobranch Wildwoods also hosts affordable kids and teen parties with fun-filled challenges in a beautiful outdoor environment.

Next time, before your kids or hubby pound their chest and yodel like Tarzan, ask them if they have ever successfully tackled a monkey bridge. To test them, call 078 251 4458 or email [email protected] or visit timberlakeorganic.co.za.