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EXOTIC HEALING SALTS: Ancient Himalayan crystals and their modern health benefits

EXOTIC HEALING SALTS: Ancient Himalayan crystals and their modern health benefits

No, those are not asteroids from outer space! Those are Himalayan Salt Lamps whose wonderful healing and air-purifying properties have caused much buzz for some time now – and if you are looking for accessories to enhance your healthy lifestyle in the home, office and other spaces, you should not disregard them.

Although, your home or office cannot be considered dirty by any sense of the word, the air circulating inside is often filled with pollutants, dirt, pollen and the sort – worse, if you also have animal dander to contend with. This is where salt lamps can help you.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

These lamps are made from natural crystal salt which is mined by hand from beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The crystal salt, which sources say, has 84 minerals and trace elements, many of which humans require to survive, formed millions of years ago when the Indian and Eurasian geological plates collided, raising ocean-beds which we now call the Himalayan Mountains.

Why you ought to try one today?

When heated by either a flame or bulb, the salt lamp emits negative ions which bond with air pollutants causing them to fall to the ground, hence cleansing and improving the quality and freshness the air circulating in your room. The hotter you allow the lamp to get, the better it is for purifying the air!

Most users say the salt lamps have helped them get rid of persistent room odours, have relieved many of allergies, susceptibility to colds and flu, reduced asthma, sinus, headaches, and migraine attacks while increasing alertness, lung-capacity and work productivity.

Himalayan Salt Lamps affect different people in different ways, so why not get yours to find out what they can do for you!

Even if you still don’t believe in alternative medicine, your visitors will still find the salt lamps, which are carefully hand-crafted to retain the unique look of rock-salt, as beautiful exotic décor items.

The salt lamps come in different sizes and colours ranging from off-white through to apricot and pink. They light up beautifully at night creating a setting for calm relaxation in any room. The lamps are also easy to maintain and make a great gift idea!

To order, call Usha, at Soft Touch Wellbeing Health Wellness & Detox Centre, on 041 365 2762or visit at 54, 4th Avenue in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. She is very helpful and will answer any questions you might have. They also stock new usb Himalayan Salt lamps that can connect to your television and computers/laptops!