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Expect blackouts-free Easter weekend: Eskom

APRIL 3, 2015
Expect blackouts-free Easter weekend: Eskom

You can expect a long weekend without any power interruptions, as Eskom says it does not intend implementing load shedding - the grid remains stable for the time being, but technical failures could result in power cuts. 

"...the ?#‎load_shedding? prognosis for the Easter weekend is low dependent on the performance of the power plant.

"As the power system is constrained and vulnerable any unexpected changes could lead to #load_shedding at short notice. Eskom will continue to provide updates," the power utility said.

At the same time, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown says she’s fighting to win back the public's confidence in Eskom.

She says leadership issues are being fixed, and she wants to stabilise the utility so it can focus on long term solutions to keep the lights on.

“I want to tell the public that by 2020, there’ll be 10,000 more megawatts, by June/July 800 megawatts more. We are asking the public to bear with us while we’re load shedding so that we’re able to balance the grid.” 

Yesterday, Brown said she would appoint a permanent Eskom chairperson in due course after the resignation of Chairman Zola Tsotsi this week after making decisions without approval from the board.

Brown said if she had known about this earlier she wouldn’t have appointed him to the position.

Meanwhile, Tshediso Matona and three other executives remain suspended.