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Expect load shedding again tonight: Eskom

May 13, 2015
Expect load shedding again tonight: Eskom

Eskom has again warned that there is a medium chance of load shedding in the afternoon on Wednesday and a high probability for the evening. On Tuesday, the power utility, which is battling to meet electricity demand as winter approaches, ended up implementing Stage 2 load shedding in the afternoon.

Over the past weeks, Eskom has also implemented Stage 1 loadshedding in the morningd which was often escalated to Stage 2 in the evenings.

Eskom has been to meet the demand for power since last year, when it introduced blackouts - to prevent a collapse of the grid, for the first time since 2008.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality load shedding schedule below - should you need it:

Stage 1&2 for 11-17 May 2015

Stage 3 &4 for 11-17 May 2015

Please note that:  


  • The schedule does not mean that every single household/property in a particular Group will definitely be switched off for the entire duration of the loadshedding time-slot;
  • Hospitals and major industrial areas are not affected by loadshedding. In certain instances, there are households which are supplied from the same substation that provides power to a hospital or factory (such as at SANCA in Chatty) - these households are, fortunately and consequently, not affected by loadshedding;

    Loadshedding will not be implemented outside the scheduled timeframes.