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Expect more fuel price relief by month-end: AA

Expect more fuel price relief by month-end: AA

The Automobile Association (AA) has said that motorists can look forward to further fuel price relief at month end.

The Association was commenting on the Central Energy Fund's preliminary fuel price data which was showing substantial over-recoveries in the fuel price.

"The drop in the petrol price is currently pegged at between 40 cents and 44 cents per litre, while diesel is showing an almost 56 cents per litre reduction," the AA said. "Illuminating paraffin is set for a drop of around 49 cents per litre."

The AA said that the Rand/US dollar exchange rate had gradually strengthened in South Africa's favour during October and that international petroleum prices had shown a substantial decline over the same period. 

"As December approaches, it looks as if motorists planning to drive to holiday destinations will have a little more spending money in their budgets," the AA concluded.