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Experience Dockside Brewery's passion for crafting the perfect brew

Experience Dockside Brewery's passion for crafting the perfect brew

Following a passion, a Jack of all trades but master of one Karl Schlaphoff followed his dream, used all his skill and started to build an artisan brewery. Behind the scenes his wife Jane has done all the admin. This dynamic husband and wife have given it their all and a year later we can now all experience and enjoy artisan beer brewed locally for locals.

Dockside Brewery opened in the Baakens Valley, this microbrewery is for manufacturing only. Where the public can come and collect their beer and go home to enjoy. Dockside Brewery manufactures and distributes beer.

The Artisan beers that you will experience are like no other beers you have ever had. Supporting local only to watch their carbon foot print, this beer is crafted with passion. Fresh Elands River Valley natural spring water is used in the brewing process to make sure only the purist ingredients are used. Beer lovers will appreciate not only the story but the traditional brewing process.

At first only two beers will be available and each beer having its very own story.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat & Tears is a rich, complex, sophisticated, somewhat sweet whilst at the same time a bitter hybrid Belgian style beer which is more suited to sipping and savouring rather than quaffing.

It has a little bit of just about every flavour you can imagine. It is perfect for a moment of quiet contemplation and appreciation of all things that a great, extraordinary, original artisan beer can be.

A friendly warning though.If you like your beer fizzy, yellow and light, then you are probably not going to like this!

African IPA

African IPA is brewed exclusively from local ingredients. The character of this beer is defined by the perfect balance between hops and malt, rounded off with the fruity aromas of our signature house yeast. This culminates in a remarkably smooth and endlessly drinkable 'African-style' India Pale Ale.

This innovative beer sets a new standard that will certainly get tongues wagging! Karl has been a home brewer for more than 12 years, when life changed for him he took it as an opportunity. Many hours with limited resources he started to build the Brewery from hand making all his equipment, installing and creating a piece of history in PE.

Come and experience buying your beer direct from the Brewery Extraordinary beer for Extra Ordinary people, where you can later in joy with friends and family.