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Experience Pine Lodge River Spa’s unique take on relaxation and beauty

By Liande Barnard - May 17, 2016
Experience Pine Lodge River Spa’s unique take on relaxation and beauty

One of the many wonderful things that the 3-Star Pine Lodge Resort & Conference Centre has to offer visitors is its new, well-appointed spa, with its unique take on how you should escape from your day-to-day routine. Whether it’s a tension-busting massage, a glow-boosting facial or just a really good pampering, their River Spa will serve it up.

The lunch time decision to visit the spa was partly because I wanted to be away from the noise of Port Elizabeth, but not too far away as I had a business appointment later that day, and partly because I was curious to see what the lodge’s new spa offered – and was not disappointed.

I was welcomed by the very friendly beauty therapist, Noxee. She gave me some forms to complete and we had a casual conversation before she showed me to their beach-themed beauty room.

The room had a relaxing atmosphere with sand-coloured walls and matching towels neatly finished off with beach photographs on the walls. Noxee gave me some time to get ready for my pre-booked massage, and so my hour of relaxation began.

Before she started with the treatment, she cleansed my feet with a hot wash cloth. This, in itself is, wonderfully relaxing. Noxee’s first point of contact was my back. She found some knots in the upper regions and she worked on those for a while. Although it was a little sensitive at first, I could feel the tension draining away.

The massage then moved to my feet and the back of my legs. The pressure and technique were perfect! The hot wash cloth was once again implemented to remove the massage oil from the back of my body. 

Noxee continued by massaging the front of my legs and each of my arms individually, washing each set of limbs as soon as she was done with the massaging. The scent of the oil together with the scented candles added to the tranquillity I found myself drifting off to sleep on more than one occasion.

The Indian head massage was the cherry on the cake for me. Noxee is definitely talented and her unhurried approach to the massage made me enjoy every second of it.

Once my massage was done, I was physically and emotionally restored. This was the best lunch break that I taken in a long time and I was invigorated and ready for my next appointment. For those, who demand excellence, River Spa at Pine Lodge is the place to go. Contact Noxee at 041 583 4004 or check out the Pine Lodge Facebook page.