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Expert to discuss 'keeping children afloat in the digital tsunami'

MAY 18, 2016
Expert to discuss 'keeping children afloat in the digital tsunami'

Brad Huddleston, author of the Dark Side of Technology and Digital Cocaine, will be in Port Elizabeth and East London to talk to parents about how they can protect their children in the face of a “digital tsunami”.

Brad Huddleston says, “Digital or Internet Addiction is listed as a mental condition that includes anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, restlessness, memory loss and self-harm”.

The average time kids of ages 8-18 spend on technology is sevem hours and 38 minutes per day. Smartphones, tablets, computers, iPads, and even the TV screen are the gateway to this phenomenon of digital addiction.

“One just has to look at the statistics to see how much at risk our youngsters are,” says Daron Mann, who will be hosting presentations to parents and teachers in Port Elizabeth and East London.

“The world is becoming increasingly connected – it is estimated that 1,2 billion smart phones will enter the market over the next five years. One in every seven people on the planet is on Facebook, and over 90 per cent of people under 18 play video and online games.

Huddleston is an international expert in the field, has a degree in computer science, 22 years industry experience, and is currently collaborating with the research and neuroscience departments at UNISA.

He equips parents and children with knowledge and identifies warning signs of misuse or overuse of technology.

The talks will be hosted at Selborne College, East London on the 1st of June from seven pm, and at Pearson High School, Port Elizabeth on the 2nd of June starting at seven pm.

Tickets are R100, and are available at Computicket, Selborne College and Pearson High School.