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EXPLAINED: Why do you need a will?

By Tracey Mouton - Mar 25, 2019
EXPLAINED: Why do you need a will?

Port Elizabeth - Contrary to common belief, wills are not only for the rich and wealthy. Anyone with some property and personal belongings that will remain behind when they pass on musthave a will.

A will is an essential part of a person's estate plan. It is the primary document for transferring your assets upon your death.

So, why do you need a will?

  • ensure that your assets go to the loved ones you intend on benefitting
  • ensure that minors are cared for
  • planning may reduce Estate Duty payable by your estate
  • ensure that professionals are appointed to administer your estate and carry out your will and wishes

Contact Bardine Hall at Goldberg & de Villiers Inc on 041 501 9800 to assist you to draft a will that meets your needs and wishes.

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